#ActiveSuperHero Challange

This Weeks Challenge! March 26th- April 1st 

As announced in our FaceBook Live, our first challenge will be Jumping Jacks! Create a SuperHeroKid! or SuperHeroAdult! And keep track of how many jumping jacks you are doing during this week! The challenge will close on the 31st. You must comment under our FB post or email majohnson@hmea.org by 9PM to be entered. Don't forget if you use the #ActiveSuperHero to make your post public so we can see it!



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March 26th Update


The Autism Resource Central has made the difficult decision to move the 20th Annual 5K Walk/Run to a Virtual Event, during this unprecedented time because we need to put all of our families health and safety first. In the summer, with a date to be determined, we will hold a Family Fun Day and Kids Fun Run Celebration. This decision was very hard for our staff and committee, and we know this will disappoint people, we are sorry.

In the meantime, we want to help families stay active and allow them to help us raise funds that are critical to the center's operations. Starting March 26th through April 26th, every week we will issue a challenge to our community and announce a winner every week during a Facebook Live at Thursdays at 6PM. Prizes and awards will be given!

Families who want to get active and help the Autism Resource Central raise funds during this difficult time can get active and involved by doing one of the following things-

1) You can register to participate in our weekly challenges by registering for a SuperHeroKid! or SuperHeroAdult! account here

  • Every week prizes will be awarded to the winners at our 20th Annual Family Fun Day and Kids Fun Run in the summer. Please make sure to register, in order to receive prizes and awards in the summer.
  • You can share your activity and ask for pledges. This can be for completing the challenges or participating in an exercise program. The Center will be moving theirs online or you can get creative and make your own!
  • Enter your weekly results on our FB post every Wednesday or email them to majohnson@hmea.org by 9PM to be entered for the week.
  • The children that complete all the challenges will receive a medal at our Family Fun Day and Kids Superhero Fun Run!
  • The children who have the overall highest scores will receive gold, silver and bronze medals in a ceremony at the Family Fun Day and Kids Superhero Fun Run!
  • Tag us on FB and use the hash tag #ActiveSuperHero (Please note, if you want us to see them, you will need to make the post public)

2) You can register online to participate the Run or Walk and complete them before April 26th and send your time to Majohnson@hmea.org. Awards will be given out at the Family Fun Day and Kids Superhero Fun Run!


Runners and Walkers who are registered-

1) You can still complete the 5k, please use a certified route and send your time to majohnson@hmea.org by April 26th. We will pass out runner awards at our Family Fun Day and Kids Superhero Fun Run! Tag us in a post and use the hash tag #ActiveSuperHero (Please note, if you want us to see them, you will need to make the post public)

2) You can choose to also participate as an SuperHeroAdult or SuperHeroKid Challenges over the coming weeks!

3) You can choose to generously turn your runner registration fee into a donation to the center, this donation will be fully tax deductible and allow us to continue to sever our families during this difficult time.

4) You may request a refund for your runners fee, please email majohnson@hmea.org by April 26th.

Please contact Maryann Johnson at majohnson@hmea.org or at with any questions you may have.

Don't stop fundraising, when this crisis is over, autism will still be a daily lifelong challenge for our kids, and ourselves. We will still need to lean on each other to make it through each day. Your friends and families will understand this and want to be part of the support you depend on by donating. Your Fundraising is what makes it possible for us to do what we do.

Thank you for staying with us, and staying active during this difficult time. We are fortune we have been able to move all our groups and meetings virtual, and we are able to keep in touch with and continue to serve our families during this challenging time. Our website, Facebook Page and weekly emails contain all our programming details.

We can't wait to see you online, and this summer to celebrate the 20th Annual Family Fun Day and Kids Super Hero Fun Run!