2017 5K Run & Walk for Autism Acceptance

Finn shown cooling off in this pic!
Finn shown cooling off in this pic!


Dear Friends and Family,

With the glory of every Spring, we reflect on the Spring of 2008, when Autism Awareness became a painful and frightening realization for us. Finn was just three years old, when we knew with certainty, that our beautiful boy faced a lifetime of challenges and that our little family was suddenly on a journey we had never anticipated.

Fast forward to 2016, and Finn has started to read, write, become more independent in so many ways.  In addition, Finn went to camp for the first time in 2016. Up to that point, he was never away from us for an overnight - never mind away from his home for a whole week! Thanks to the sponsorship of Autism Resource Central (this is where some of the money from your donation goes) he went to Camp Havago in Rindge, NH from July 12th - 16th! Camp Havago is a program specifically for kids/teens on the Autism Spectrum and is provided through Camp Starfish. And because of the continued support of Autism Resource Central, Finn will be going to camp again this year. We are very excited for our little man!

A journey that started with overwhelming awareness has evolved into informed acceptance. We and our families and friends now share a deeper understanding, appreciation and affection for the unique way that Finn relates to us and to the world around him.

Since that fateful Spring, our family has greatly benefitted from the work of Autism Resource Central. The Center supports families with children, teens and adults on the Autism spectrum. They work with parents, siblings, and grandparents to come to terms with a diagnosis, and how it can impact a family’s dynamics. They work with the Community at Large to better understand, accept and value individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. They provide countless activities, outings and enriching experiences for individuals with an ASD and their families. They work in the community to convey a positive message to all and to dispel years of the dark and hopeless view of Autism. The Center works diligently to educate and advocate for individuals with Autism and their families and to help society move from awareness to acceptance, and ultimately appreciation for the unique strengths and talents of individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

The Center has been carrying out this mission for 19 years, and presently serves over 3,000 families in Central MA, due to the support of folks like you. 100% of your donation will go toward family activities, education and resources. The Center celebrates and honors the strength and determination that each person on the spectrum possesses, as they face the daily challenges that Autism presents to them.

Please consider giving whatever you can to support their ongoing work.

Thank you!

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