2017 5K Run & Walk for Autism Acceptance

Team Nauman
Team Nauman

Team Nauman


Welcome to Team Nauman's page! We are participating in a 5K Walk on Saturday 4/29/17 to raise money for HMEA’s Autism Resource Central and we need your support. They rely on fundraising to keep their programs going and we rely on them for support and guidance. This is a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. When we got that life changing diagnosis they were there to give us hope and steer us in the right direction. They have been a part of our “village” of support for over 15 years. They provide resources, support groups, workshops, guidance and friendships for more than 3,000 families. The events they sponsor bring together families that become lifelong supports for each other. We are in the trenches together through the tough times and are there to celebrate the good times together. The knowledge and support we have gained from each other priceless!

You can donate through this page or mail a check to us made out to: HMEA's Autism Resource Central.

Our address is: Team Nauman, 322 Hollis Rd. Lunenburg, MA 01462

(checks will be sent in weekly as we receive them)






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