2017 5K Run & Walk for Autism Acceptance

Anthony's Angels

As many close to our family know, our son Anthony was officially diagnosed with Autism in 2011. Anthony is a bright, funny, caring and compassionate little man that, due to his autism, needs a little extra help on his journey. This help, by way of services, support and a sense of community, is provided in part by Autism Resource Central.  We are truly grateful for the care and guidance we have received from the Center and our family of friends, teachers and advocates. From the Autism 101 classes for the new and bewildered families, to Camp Havvago and sibling workshops, Autism Resource Central has services and support every step of the way, providing assistance for not only the diagnosed, but the entire family. With your help, the Autism Resource Center will continue to provide the much needed services and support to kids on the spectrum, and their families as a whole.  Blessings!

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