2019 5K Run & Walk for Autism Acceptance

Team Logan Ryan

We have had the pleasure of walking in honor of Logan for the past two years and look forward to this years walk making it Team Logan Ryan's third year!


Below is a little history on Logan's story as well as an update to where we are now.


Logan began Early Intervention in August of 2016. After starting Early Intervention Logan began to develop skills to help him communicate. These skills helped our lives in ways we can't begin to describe. Simple tasks we don't give much thought to caused Logan great frustration. Once he improved eye contact, pointing to objects he wanted and working on his language development- life got a lot easier (especially with a new baby in our lives at the time).Two kids 16 months apart can be crazy and still is at times!

In October 2016 Logan was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder. We then began working with an Occupational Therapist to help introduce different textures and foods through play.Logan has come a long way from our first session. Dirty hands don't seem to bother him too much any more and often times while "playing" with food in OT he will touch them to his face. For Logan this is/was huge! It is hard to get a child to eat in general and Logan is no exception to this. His Diet remains very limited but, he loves his grilled cheese sandwiches from Applebees, popsicles, chips, noodles with butter, donuts, and cake... well, the frosting part anyways.

In December 2016 Logan was diagnosed with Autism. Many would think this was a day where we would have been upset for our baby and we were for a brief time. It takes time to process but, we were glad to have answers and thankful Logan got evaluated a month before turning two years old many don't get diagnosed until much later. I took the hour car ride home to be sad for him but, soon realized this...
Logan is a special little boy who is loved by so many family members, friends and his teachers. Logan is often the mayor of the class. He greets everyone with a smile and is a friend to all.  Logan's ASD diagbnosis has opened doors for him to get more therapy, experiences and meeting so many great people who truly love our boy and work hard to help him thrive. We are so grateful to live in a state where these opportunities are available to us.

This past year Logan has began going to school 4 mornings a week where he is in an integrated classroom and recieves speech therapy. We have recently began OT services again and look forward to great progress. Last but not least in our update... we are starting with a new ABA company where Logan will be recieving a substantial increase in his ABA hours. We are really looking forward to working with our new friends and seeing Logan reach his full potential which is limitless. Logan thrives on schedule and routine and things are looking up for 2019 as Logan is one busy boy which in turn keeps us all on the go!


We choose to focus on all of his growth and look forward to his bright future. Were so proud of our boy and hope you can support us with a donation to this great cause. We also welcome anyone who is interested to join us for the Autism 5k on 5/5/19 at 10:00am.

Logan will be running (I guess more like comfortably being pushed in his stroller) with his Uncle Chad who started this team for us in 2017. Thank you for thinking of us and this great cause to raise money for Autism Awareness. Let's make this Team Logan Ryan's best year yet!

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