2019 5K Run & Walk for Autism Acceptance

Mom's favorite kids doing mom's favorite thing: hiking!
Mom's favorite kids doing mom's favorite thing: hiking!

Team McDonald

Thank you for visiting our page! We are a family of 5 living with autism here in Worcester, MA. Our kids are Liam, age 17, Helena - 14. Steve - 12, Fionn - 9 and Eamon - 7.

Please join us in raising funds for our favorite community: The Autism Resource Central. It really is the CENTER of our autism community. It is where we find services, and connect to them and other families.

If you want to help kids and adults with autism here in Central MA, donating here is the best way to do it.

National efforts in research and awareness are important. But theCenter is the boots on the ground support for those with autism around you (your neighbor, your cousin's kid, your daughter's best friend's sister.... we all know someone!)

Family update: This year our life has been turned upside down by Liam's social activities! Although I have become my mother with the repetitive murmurings of "I feel like a taxi driver!" it is a sweet feeling to meet teenage milestones. This is the same feeling we had when Liam was 6 and began talking ALL the time in the back of the car. He lost much of his verbal ability at age 2, but by age 6 had us relishing silence again! Liam got his learner's permit, but driving is on hold for now as he is trying to acclimate to his internship at the YMCA with the Center for Living and Working. He is active in the CYC at our church and has joined the CYC basketball team this winter. His next focus is getting ready for his senior year at Burncoat High and his driver's license!

All the other kids are well, too. Helena has joined drama at school and continues her love of horseback riding. Steve continues to be obsessed with all things basketball. Fionn and Eamon also joined basketball teams. And Patrick and all the kids are still taking karate. Patrick is the Walk Chair this year. He REALLY wants you to donate!

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